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Determining Chute Size

Chute sizing chart


Use these charts to help determine what your drag chute needs are going to be.



Stroud Chute Launcher Installation

Chute launcher installation chart


Use this chart for installation and operation of spring and air launchers.


Stroud Safety Parachute Cable Kit Installation Instructions

Chute launcher installation chart


Use this chart for the installation and operation of the parachute cable kit.




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Drag chutes Drag chutes Drag chutes Drag chutes

Stroud Drag Chutes

Stroud Safety is the leader in the non-rigid aerodynamic decelerator field (i.e. drag chutes). These chutes were designed from the start to be user friendly. Stroud Safety has nearly 50 years experience in parachute design and manufacture. After much exhaustive testing and refinement, the Stroud system was developed.

The Stroud Drag Chute is designed to open very reliably and softly, pull straight, stop sooner and pack very easily by one person in 4 or 5 minutes. The Stroud system does not pull the car off the ground. It pulls low and straight back. With its special deployment system, this chute will open much softer and much more reliably, stopping your car in much less distance than conventional chutes.

Stroud Safety has a chute for every need, with over 50 styles available.

Remember, we re-certify all Stroud Safety Products!

Available Colors:




Description Model No.
Super Comp 400
Mini Dragster 401
Motorcycle Chute 400MC
Super Gas 410
Comp Eliminator 420
Pro Stock 430
Fuel/Alcohol Dragster 450
Fuel/Alcohol Funny 470


Special Notes:

  1. Washing your Stroud parachute:
    1. Remove the pilot chute and deployment bag (or launcher bag if you are using a launcher). You can leave the bridal cord attached to the chute if you are using a pilot chute.
    2. Using a front-loading NON-AGITATOR type washing machine, load the chute inside.
    3. Add 1/4 cup liquid detergent (Tide, Cheer, etc.) plus 1/4 cup of Castrol Super Clean (original purple bottle only!) and wash.
    4. Do not machine dry! Hang up out of the sun and air dry the chute.
  2. DO NOT USE the TUBE type parachute mount where the chute attachment loop goes inside a tube and a bolt goes through the tube and loop. This will almost always cut the loop after a few uses. We will NOT warranty any of these repairs!

Drag Chute Sizing

Determining Drag Chute Size

Stroud chutes are specifically designed based on vehicle weight and speed. Stroud recommends that customers consult a qualified technician to confirm the size required for their particular specifications. Use these charts to help determine what your drag chute needs are going to be.

Stroud Drag Chute Repair

We service and repair all of our own chutes. There is no charge for us to look at your chute and estimate the cost of repair, or if it is repairable at all. However, all freight is the responsibility of the customer. Stroud Safety offers custom design and engineering for numerous applications. If you need something not listed, do not hesitate to call us.


Drag Chute Mount Kits

Single Chute Mount Kit

Stroud single chute mount kits for you to mount on your cars.

Single chute mount kit
Description Model No.
Single Chute Mount Kit 1995


Stroud Launcher System

Pneumatic and/or air launcher upgrade with chute kit

Pneumatic and/or air launcher upgrade with chute kit

Mechanical and/or spring launcher upgrade with chute kit

Mechanical and/or spring launcher upgrade with chute kit

Standard pilot chute application kit

Standard pilot chute application kit

Stroud parachute launchers are the most advanced parachute deployment system on the market. Available in either mechanical or pneumatic styles, the chute launcher completely does away with pilot chutes and their inherent problems. Patented by Stroud Safety, the chute launcher was over 8 years in development. The chute launcher can be used from the slowest bracket car to Top Fuel cars. It is especially effective on 1/8 mile courses, as it is not speed dependent like a pilot chute system.

The mechanical system is spring deployed using a regular pull handle. It is ideal for cars that do not have an onboard air system. For those cars that have onboard air, or wish to, then the Stroud pneumatic chute launcher is ideal! It is lighter and easier to use than the spring launcher. Both systems work equally well and the parachute does not know the difference.

If weight is a problem, then the new carbon fiber air launcher is for you. It weighs LESS than a standard Stroud chute with a pilot chute! All Stroud chute launchers come complete with all required mounting and operational equipment. The Stroud parachute launchers work ONLY with Stroud chutes. Using other type chutes is VERY dangerous! Call Stroud Safety for your specific needs.

Air launcher upgrade kit
Description Model No.
Air Launcher Upgrade Kit 4901
Spring launcher upgrade kit
Description Model No.
Air Launcher Upgrade Kit 4903


Drag Chute and Launcher Accessories

Chute Bags and Packs

All Stroud parts for individual purchase are designed to replace only parts on Stroud equipment.

Chute bag
Description Model No.
Small Chute Bag (#410 and Smaller) 4061
Large Chute Bag (#420 and Larger) 4063
Chute pack
Description Model No.
Chute Pack 473
Chute Pack, Fireproof 474
Launcher chute bag
Description Model No.
Launcher Chute Bag, Large 4053
Launcher Chute Bag, Small 4051

Carbon Fiber Launcher Parts

Carbon Fiber replacement parts for the air launcher.

Carbon fiber launcher parts
Description Model No.
Carbon Fiber Square 007
Carbon Fiber Disc 7

Chute Pack Plates

Aluminum replacement plates for pack.

Chute pack plates
Description Model No.
Large Plate 4056875SQUARE
Small Plate 40567.5X7.5SQ

Chute Spring

Chute spring
Description Model No.
Spring 020

Chute Loop Cord

Replace your cord regularly.

Chute loop cord
Description Model No.
Loop Kit 477LOP

Remove Before Flight Tag

Remove before flight tag
Description Model No.
Flight Tags 475

Aluminum Launcher Disks

Aluminum chute launcher disks
Description Model No.
Air Launcher Disk (small and large) 6ROUND1HOLE
Spring Launcher replacement disk (small 2-hole) 4035
Spring Launcher replacement disk (large 2-hole) 4055

Pilot Chute

Stroud pilot chutes will fit all parachute packs.

Pilot chute
Description Model No.
Small Pilot Chutes 471
Large Pilot Chutes 472

Parachute Release Kit

A complete cable kit for your car to activate your parachute system. Comes standard with 15 foot, heavy duty release cable. Kit comes complete with all necessary fittings and instructions.

Chute release kit
Description Model No.
Cable Kit 541
Dual Cable Kit 544
Cable Only 542

Billet Release Handle

Chute billet release handle
Description Model No.
Billet Release Handle Only 543


Pnuematic Launcher Parts

Remote Drag Chute Air Launcher System Parts

Replacement parts for Stroud air launcher systems.

Drag chute air launcher system fittings
Description Model No.
1. T-Fitting 89212210
2. 90° Fitting 3/8" NRG124470618
3. 90° Fitting Sm NRG124470210
4. Straight Fitting 89200321
5. Straight Fitting 89202930
Drag chute air launcher system rod clevis
Description Model No.
Rod Clevis NRGRC2
Drag chute air launcher system air cylinder
Description Model No.
Air Cylinder, Small RPO75X400DAPSS
Air Cylinder, Large RP125X900DANSS
Drag chute air launcher system push button
Description Model No.
Push Button 119163
Drag chute air launcher system clippard valve
Description Model No.
Clippard Valve MAV-3
Drag chute air launcher system toggle valve
Description Model No.
Toggle Valve MJTV3
Drag chute air launcher system pivot brackets
Description Model No.
Pivot Bracket NRGPB2
Drag chute air launcher system clamps
Description Model No.
Clamps 48004


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