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Engine Safety

For Commercial & Industrial Applications

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Transmission Blanket

Download the Pulling Blanket Measurements Diagram here
(approximately 20 Kb PDF)

Powerglide Blankets
Universal Blankets
B&J Blankets
Tractor Blankets

Stroud Safety builds SFI approved transmission blankets that fit every type of transmission. These blankets fit the standard Powerglide transmission, or the Turbo 350, 400, etc. transmission. They bolt to the belt housing, insuring that they stay in position.

Model Number Description
515 Powerglide Blanket
5151 Kevlar Powerglide Blanket
516 Universal Blanket
5161 Kevlar Universal Blanket
517 Bruno Blanket
518 Liberty Blanket
520 B&J Blanket
5201 Kevlar B&J Blanket
521 Lenco Drive Blanket
524 SFI 4.2 Tractor Blanket
525 SFI 4.1 Tractor Blanket

Reverser Blanket

Reverser Blankets

Stroud Safety has a full range of SFI approved transmission blankets. Available in either ballistic nylon or the much lighter and thinner Kevlar, Stroud transmission blankets fit all transmissions on the market. Stroud blankets come with carry handles that make moving the transmission easier.

Lenco Reverser Blankets
Model Number Description
508 Lenco Reverser Blanket
509 2 Speed
510 3 Speed
511 4 Speed (CS1, CS2, CS3)
512 5 Speed (CS1, CS2, CS3)
Kevlar Reverser Blankets
Model Number Description
5082 Kevlar Lenco Reverser Blanket
5092 2 Speed
5102 3 Speed
5112 4 Speed (CS1, CS2, CS3)
5122 5 Speed (CS1, CS2, CS3)

Engine Diaper

Engine Diapers

Originally designed by Stroud Safety, the Engine Diaper comes in either the SFI approved professional style or the original ballistic nylon sportsman style. Use a Stroud Engine Diaper to keep parts and pieces away from places they don’t belong! Available for all engine and oil pan combinations, for all type cars.

Model Number Description
1000 SFI Approved 7.2 Ballistic
1020 SFI Approved 7.1 Kevlar

Supercharger Restraint

Supercharger Restraint

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Supercharger Restraints

Stroud Safety builds supercharger restraints for almost all applications. All are SFI approved for 14.1 and 14.2.

The 14.1 unit (shown) is for the bracket racer that needs minimal restraint for his class. It comes complete with header mounts and adjustable straps and fits either a 6-71 or 8-71 supercharger. Other sizes are also available.

The 14.2 unit fits 6-71, 8-71, 10-71, 12-71 and 14-71 blowers. The kit consists of the top plate, blower bag and all the fittings to attach to the motor. The blower strap anchors are the new Stroud type, with the blower strap having the locking pins sewn to it, preventing the loss of the locking pins.

Remember, we re-certify all Stroud Safety products!

Model Number Description
1600 Blower Restraint Complete (SFI 14.2)
1610 Blower Restraints (SFI 14.1)

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