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How do I recertify a Stroud product?

Package the item and sent it to:
Stroud Safety, Inc.
4101 S. May Ave.,
Oklahoma City, OK 73119

In the package include article to be recertified, your name, return shipping address, DAY time telephone number, an explanation of the work you want done and how you are going to pay for it. After you send the package, wait 2 to 3 days and call us with your credit card number. If we have to call you for your credit card number, it will delay the process of starting the work.


How do I know when my product needs to be recertified?

Check your rule book. Most items are good for 2 years and some are for 5 years.


How do I wash my parachute?

  1. Remove the pilot chute and deployment bag (or launcher bag if you are using a launcher). You can leave the bridal cord attached to the chute if you are using a pilot chute.
  2. Using a front-loading NON-AGITATOR type washing machine, load the chute inside.
  3. Add 1/4 cup liquid detergent (Tide, Cheer, etc.) plus 1/4 cup of Castrol Super Clean (original purple bottle only!) and wash.
  4. Do not machine dry! Hang up out of the sun and air dry the chute.


How do I wash my fire suit?

We recommend having the SFI/20 suit dry cleaned. Our suits may also be washed with cold water in your washing machine and dried using a low setting on your dryer.


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