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Fire Suits

Hercules & Athena Fire Suits

New custom Hercules and Athena fire suits are available in SFI32A-5 and SFI32A-20. Designed for a custom fit for men and women with vibrant colors and a variety of styles.

Hercules fire suit
Athena fire suit
Available Colors


Custom Fire Suits

Every racer wants their image to be the sharpest and most professional among their fellow competitors. Stroud Safety fire suits are designed by racers, for racers with every detail given the highest quality and safety available on the market today. Stroud Custom Fire Suits start with your ideas. Almost any design can be turned into the suit you want.

Custom one piece fire suit
Custom two piece fire suit
Custom two piece fire suit
Available Colors


Standard Fire Suits

Manufactured at our facility in Oklahoma, these high quality suits are SFI approved and designed with great attention to detail. With the Stroud Safety Standard Fire Suit, nothing is just standard.

Stroud Safety has a variety of suits for the racer, from the single layer SFI approved 32A-1 to the multi layer 32A-20. All Stroud suits feature Nomex cuffs and are sewn with Nomex thread for increased protection and reinforced with nylon thread for strength and durability.

These suits come in black, red or blue, with white arm stripes and white leg stripes. Available in all standard sizes (see sizing chart).

Standard fire suit
Available Colors

Ultra Fire Suits (Black Only)

Ultra Fire Suits are available in the SFI 32A5, 15, and 20 models. These suits are made with carbonex and filament knit nomex for more comfort, freedom of movement, and improved safety. All Ultra Fire Suits are custom made, please call for details.

Ultra fire suit


Model Number Description
800 SFI 32A1 Fire suit (standard) jacket, pants, one-piece
801 SFI 32A5 Fire suit (standard) jacket, pants, one-piece
802 SFI 32A15 Fire suit (standard)
803 SFI 32A20 Fire suit (standard)
806-5 32A5 Athena Fire Suit
806-20 32A20 Athena Fire Suit
807-5 32A5 Hercules Fire Suit
807-20 32A20 Hercules Fire Suit
8024 SFI 32A15 Ultra Fire suit made with a filament nomex
8034 SFI 32A20 Ultra Fire suit made with a filament nomex

32A1 and 32A5 suits--Standard sizes S, M, L, and XL with red, black, blue, with white trim. Custom sizes for pants or jackets or jackets are available for an additional charge. 2x-4x suits available at additional charges. Custom suits available. Call for details.

32A15 and 32A20 suits custom sizes standard--One piece suits available.

Standard Sizing Chart (in Inches)
Size Chest Waist Inseam

Firesuit Sizing Charts

Arm Restraints
Model #610 (Installed with fire suit purchase) and #600 Arm Restraints

Stroud arm restraints are SFI approved. They are available in black and have 2" wide arm bands with 1" wide adjustable restrainer straps.


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