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About Stroud Safety

Stroud Safety

More than 20 years ago, Bob Stroud took his knowledge of parachutes and safety equipment to the racing industry and created Stroud Safety. Since that time, Stroud Safety has been the technology leader in the safety industry, introducing and acquiring patents on many new items. These efforts by Stroud have made racing much safer for the driver, car, track and spectator.

Check out our industrial products at our Stroud Industrial Safety Solutions website.


GO PINK and SAVE 10%*

October is Breast Care Awareness Month.

Go Pink and Save 10%

Stroud Safety is Going Pink in October to show our support for breast cancer awareness, prevention, and finding a cure. Show your support and Save 10% with pink Racing Harnesses, Drag Chutes, Window Nets, and Cool Vests from Stroud Safety. We will be including literature on how you can do more for the Susan G. Komen Foundation in all shipments in October. Stroud will also be sponsoring a walking team for the "More than Pink Walk" on October 26th at Centennial Park in Oklahoma City.

*No dealers please.

NEW! Junior Dragster Tire Covers from Stroud Safety

Keeps tires clean and ready for those low ET's. Made of durable nylon with velcro attachment and convenient carrying handles. Sold in pairs.

Item# 901, Retail $72.50

Dragster ChuteMaster

Stroud Drag Chutes & Launchers

Stroud Safety is the leader in the non-rigid aerodynamic decelerator field (i.e. drag chutes). These chutes were designed from the start to be user friendly. Stroud Safety has nearly 50 years experience in parachute design and manufacture. After much exhaustive testing and refinement, the Stroud system was developed.

The Stroud Drag Chute is designed to open very reliably and softly, pull straight, stop sooner and pack very easily by one person in 4 or 5 minutes. The Stroud system does not pull the car off the ground. It pulls low and straight back. With its special deployment system, this chute will open much softer and much more reliably, stopping your car in much less distance than conventional chutes.

Stroud Safety has a chute for every need, with over 50 styles available.

Remember, we re-certify all Stroud Safety Products!

Engine Diapers

Originally designed by Stroud Safety, the Engine Diaper comes in either the SFI 7.1 Kevlar style or the 7.2 ballistic nylon sportsman style. Use a Stroud Engine Diaper to keep parts and pieces away from places they don’t belong! Available for all engine and oil pan combinations, for all type cars.

Ballistic Blankets

Stroud Safety has a full range of SFI approved transmission and turbocharger ballistic blankets. Available in ballistic nylon or the lighter and thinner Kevlar, Stroud blankets are available in standard sizes and custom applications to fit all transmissions (including tractor pullers) and turbochargers on the market.

Fire Suppression Systems

Stroud Safety offers a versatile range of fire suppression delivery systems for all motorsports applications. We have the sizes, accessories, and components for your needs.

Stroud Fire Blanket

Stroud has designed a piece of safety equipment that should be a staple for every race team, track crew, shop, and home.


Latch and Link

Seat Belts and Restraints

Stroud Safety restraints are made in the USA and are SFI approved. We re-certify all our restraints regardless of age. This saves you money by not replacing your belts every 2 years. Our restraints are designed by engineers and are constantly improved to make them safer and easier to use. Available in 5, 6, 7, and 9 point styles.

Window, Restraint, and Track “Catch” Nets

Manufactured in our facility in Oklahoma, in standard sizes or custom designed to your specifications, using the best materials to meet or exceed SFI specifications.

Field-proven Stroud Safety catch nets are in use in drag strips and land speed venues throughout the country. We can custom design an application that best suits the specific needs of your facility.

Athena and Hercules Custom Fire Suits

Stroud Safety Custom Fire Suits are designed to fit you perfectly with optional features and colors available for that professional look. SFI-32A-5 and SFI-32A-20 only.


SFI Recertification

Stroud Safety recertifies ALL of their SFI rated products.

Seat Belts:
Every 2 years

Window Nets:
Every 2 years

Fire Suits (SFI 15 and 20 only):
Every 5 years

Ballistic Blankets:
Every 2 years

Blower Plates:
Every 2 years

Fire Bottles:
Up to 6 years

Drag Chutes:
Not required

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