Ballistic Blankets

Lenco Transmission Blankets

Stroud Safety has a full range of SFI approved transmission blankets. Available in ballistic nylon or the lighter and thinner Kevlar, Stroud transmission blankets fit all transmissions on the market. Stroud blankets come with carry handles that make moving the transmission easier. CS1, CS2, and CS3 available for all Lenco blankets.

Powerglide, Universal, B&J, and Ford 6R80 Transmission Blankets

Stroud Safety builds SFI approved transmission blankets that fit every type of transmission. These blankets fit the standard Powerglide transmission, or the Turbo 350, 400, etc. transmission. They bolt to the belt housing, ensuring that they stay in position.

Powerglide Transmission Blanket

Fits the popular Powerglide transmission.

Powerglide Blanket
Part #515 — $185

Kevlar Powerglide Blanket
Part #5151 — $436

Universal Transmission Blanket

Fits turbo 350, 400, and 727 transmission.

Universal Blanket
Part #516 — $205

Kevlar Universal Blanket
Part #5161 — $441

B&J Blanket
Part #520 — $283

Kevlar B&J Blanket
Part #5201 — $682

Fits Ford 6R80 Transmission, ballistic nylon

Part #6R80 — $239

Custom Tractor and Truck Pulling Transmission, Clutch, Flywheel and Bell Housing Blankets

Stroud Safety builds clutch and/or flywheel and bell housing blankets. Approved by both SFI and NTPA, these blankets are made for all pulling applications for all trucks and tractors. Call for your specific design. Available in either SFI spec. 4.1 and 4.2.

Download the pulling blanket measurement instructions here (PDF).

Tractor Blanket (SFI 4.2)
Part #524 — $1,100

Tractor Blanket (SFI 4.1)
Part #525 — $500

Turbocharger Blankets

Stroud SFI turbocharger containment blankets are available for the hot and cold sides. They are available in ballistic nylon or aluminized Kevlar. With our standard sizes and custom design capabilities, We can fit virtually any turbocharger on the market.

Turbocharger Blanket
Part #529-XXX — $450