Fire Suits and Drag Boots

Standard Two-Piece Fire Suits SFI-32A-1

The standard Stroud fire Suit features Nomex cuffs and is sewn with Nomex thread for increased protection and reinforced with nylon thread for strength and durability. This stylish suit features epaulets, piping and slanted jacket style pockets. Black is available with white piping, Red with black piping and blue with black piping. Available in all standard sizes (see sizing chart).

Stroud still re-certifies all their fire suits!


Standard Size Chart

(Sizes in sizing chart are in inches)

32A1 Fire Suit #800

Drag Boots SFI 3.3/20

These boots have their own hard sole. You don’t need to wear shoes on the inside. They are the most comfortable
boots on the market. Sizes are same as regular shoes. Full sizes only, no half-sizes.

Funny Car Boots with Sole #814