Fire Suppression Systems

Stroud Safety offers a versatile range of fire suppression delivery systems for all motorsports applications. We have the sizes, accessories, and components for your needs.

One pound of FE-36 discharged for every 50 cubic feet of enclosed volume will achieve a 5% concentration in the air. This is sufficient to extinguish most fires with a substantial margin of safety. Stroud Safety systems are designed to achieve the concentration within ten seconds, whereupon combustion cannot occur.

Any size of enclosed area will be protected as long as a 5% concentration of FE-36 is present. Once the agent is diluted with fresh air to below the 5% concentration, the system begins to lose its effectiveness.

FE-36 has proven effective on the flammable portions of Class A fires (wood, paper, etc.), Class B fires (flammable liquids and gases) and Class C fires (electrical). It has also been found effective on deep-seated Class A fires if sufficient soaking time is allowed to dissipate the heat.

5# FE-36 System: #9302
10# FE-36 System: #9352
FE-36 Refill (priced per pound): #9355

Stroud Fire Blanket

Stroud has designed a piece of safety equipment that should be a staple for every race team, track crew, shop, and home. Manufactured with fire-resistant Nomex, sewn with Nomex thread and reinforced with nylon stitching, this heavy-weight blanket is perfect in a fire emergency to quickly help smother a fire on an individual or equipment. Shipped with a convenient storage bag, the Stroud Safety Fire Blanket opens to over 25 square feet.

Fire Blanket with Bag: #Fire Blanket

All 5# and 10# systems include the following; bottle, head, mount, clamps, 8' pull cable, 2 – 2-port (or 120°) nozzles, 1 – 6-port (or 360°) nozzle, fittings, and 12.5' of tubing.

Fire Bottle

Replacement bottle only.

5# FE: #93062
(13.75" tall, 4.375" diameter, 12.5" circumference)

10# FE: #93072
(15.5" tall, 5.25" diameter, 16.625" circumference)

Valve Head

Valve Head: #FB10005
(2.25" tall)

Fire Bottle Mount

Mount 5#: #93082
Mount 10#: #93083

Billet Mounting Clamps

Can be used without Fire Bottle Mount. Sold as pair.

Billet Clamps 5#: #93084
BIllet Clamps 10#: #93081

Mounting Clamps

To use with fire bottle mount.

Mounting Clamps 5#: #FBTBC9050
Mounting Clamps 10#: #FBTBC9051

Tubing Ferrell

Tubing Ferrell: #FB4TS9035

Tubing Nut

Tubing Nut #FB4NT9030

Tubing Nozzle

3 and 6 port nozzles available.

Tubing Nozzle 2-Port: #FBNOZ9015
Tubing Nozzle 6-Port: #FBNOZ9020

T-connector Fitting

T-Connector Fitting #FBTFT9025

Pull Cable

Available in 8' and 16' lengths.

Pull Cable 8': #FBCAB9045
Pull Cable 15:' #FBCAB9046

Application Tubing

Tubing ¼” OD steel, 12.5' length.

Steel Tubing 12.5': #FBTUB9060

Safety Pin

Safety Pin: #FBCSP9150