Safety Nets

Window and Wheelie Bar Nets

Manufactured in our facility in Oklahoma, in standard sizes or custom designed to your specifications, using the best materials to meet or exceed SFI specifications.

Customize Your Look!

All of our colors are available at no additional charge. Choose from Black, Silver, Red, Orange, Yellow Gold, Farmer Green, Blue, Purple, and Hot Pink.


ALL SFI nets must be re-certified every 2 years!
We re-certify all Stroud Safety products.

NOTE: Be sure to indicate which measurement is your "vertical."

NOTE: Be sure to indicate which measurement is your "vertical."

Important Custom Window Net Measurement Notes

  1. Top width. All window nets MUST be a minimum of 10" wide per SFI.

  2. Upper left angle. We must have the angles (90°, 75°, etc.) in the upper left and upper right corners to make the net fit properly.

  3. Upper right angle.

  4. Left height.

  5. Right height.

We need to know how the net mounts to the car, i.e.: horizontal rods, buckles and grommets, etc. Your measurements must include the mounting hardware.

Be sure to select the color of the net.


Standard Rectangle Window Net

Standard size (24"W x 18"H).

Part #500 — $39

Standard Angle Window Net

Standard angle size (24"W x 24"F x 18"R).

Part #501 — $39

Wheelie Bar Nets

All wheelie bar nets are custom sized.

Part #506 — $96

Custom Nets

Per your specification.

Part #505 — $90

Window Net Mounting Kit

Part #503 — $121

Latch Components

Part #504 — $15

Weld Tab
Part #504WELD — $14

Catch Nets

Field-proven Stroud Safety catch nets are in use in drag strips and land speed venues throughout the country. We can custom design an application that best suits the specific needs of your facility.

Our catch nets are engineered to provide the least amount of shock to the competitor while safely restraining the vehicle to prevent catastrophic damage and maximizing staff and spectator safety.

Call us today for a no obligation consultation on a solution for your facility!

Starts at $3,500

Catch Net
Catch Net Cable Routing
Catch Net Counter Weight