Stroud Safety recertifies ALL of their SFI rated products.

Seat Belts:
Every 2 years

Window Nets:
Every 2 years

Fire Suits (SFI 15 and 20 only):
Every 5 years

Ballistic Blankets (SFI 4.1 and 4.2):
Every 2 years

Blower Plates (SFI 14.1 and 14.2):
Every 2 years

Fire Bottles (varies):
Up to 6 years

Drag Chutes:
Not required

Seat Belts

When: Recertification is every two years.

Cost: $65.00

Process: We remove the straps after measuring your existing strap lengths to ensure that you have the same fit as before. We then inspect your hardware to make sure that all pieces are not damaged and functioning properly. We then replace all straps with new straps and sew on new updated SFI tags.

Many customers have inquired about the cost, thinking that we just replaced the SFI tags. A new set of seat belts can be as high as $240.00. Our $65.00 recertification fee covers the cost of brand new webbing and updated SFI tags, provided we are able to use your existing hardware. There is no charge for the inspection. There have also been instances where a customer has called and said, “I haven't used these belts in two years!” We are sorry, but the tag is two years old, they still have to be recertified. The certification rating is based on time, not amount of usage.

Stroud Safety has begun sending emails to our customers to let them know their seat belts are about to expire. That's customer service folks. We know that since there are so many things on your mind preparing for an event, we wouldn't want you show up to a race and not allowed to compete because your seat belts or any other SFI rated component is out of date.
Check those certification labels on a regular basis. It’s for your own safety!

Window / Door Nets

When: Recertification is every two years.

Cost: $90.00

Process: We remove the webbing after measuring your existing webbing lengths to ensure that you have the same fit as before. We then inspect your hardware to make sure that all pieces are not damaged and functioning properly. We then replace new webbing and sew on new updated SFI tags.

SFI requires that the “webbing” in a net cannot be used over 2 years. Therefore, the entire net webbing must be replaced. This is why the cost of recertification, $90.00, is the same as the cost for a new custom net. Remember your buckles and existing hardware may be reused.

Please send your expired net to us! We’ll make sure your recertified net matches perfectly. Otherwise, you will have to measure for a replacement net including top angles, fixed mounting and attachment points, etc., etc.
Check those certification labels on a regular basis. It’s for your own safety!

Fire Suits

When: Recertification is every five years for SFI-15 and SFI-20
(SFI-1 and SFI-5 can not recertified).

Cost: $60.00

Process: We take your suit to the cleaners first! We inspect your suit to determine with there are any rips and tears and if so we repair it. There is an additional charge for the repairs at 75.00 an hour. Most repairs can be done within 2 hours. Once the suit has been deemed safe we replace the SFI date tag with a new one.

Fire suits are a very important part of your safety equipment. No one should race without one. You should periodically check the condition of your fire suit for rips and tears. Fire suits with the rating of a SFI-1 and SFI-5 are the types of suits that just eventually wear out. They cannot be recertified. Stroud Safety manufactured SFI-15 and SFI-20 suits should be sent back to us for recertification. We cannot recertify a suit from a different manufacturer. It is against the SFI policy.

Check those certification labels on a regular basis. It’s for your own safety!

Ballistic Blankets

When: Recertification is every two years for SFI-4.1 and SFI-4.2 Ballistic Blankets

Cost: $65.00

Process: Before sending ballistic blankets for recertification please make sure it is clean! We inspect the blanket for any burns, tears, and damaged hardware and we charge $75.00 for any major repairs needed to pass certification. Sometimes when you cut out notches for a clutch or mount bracket we place a material cover around the seam to protect from future fraying. We replace any damaged straps as part of the recertification process. 

Once we see that everything looks great we apply new SFI dated tags and new Stroud logos if needed.

Blower Plates

When: Recertification is every two years for SFI-14.1 and SFI-14.2 Blower Plates

Cost: $85.00

Process: On the 14.1 we replace all the straps. On the 14.2 we replaced any burned out covering with new fireproof covers. We then put new SFI dated tags on all the straps.

Fire Bottles
(and additional information)

When: Sanctioning bodies vary on fire bottle recertifications. We can recertify up to the 6 year shelf life of the bottle. After six years we would sell you a replacement bottle and use your FE-36 agent to fill a new bottle. It’s less expensive to buy a new replacement bottle and use your gas. 

How can I find the date of the bottle?  It’s stamped on the neck of the bottle.

Cost: $30.00

Process: We check for pressure and make sure the gauge is holding pressure, if it isn’t we check various things and fix whatever is causing it to not hold pressure.

We inspect the head to make sure it is still functioning properly and replace any minor parts.
We weigh your bottle and make sure it has the appropriate weight required. If it needs more FE-36 agent, we add more and recharge it with nitrogen.

A 10 pound bottle should weigh 14.8 minimum

A 5 pound bottle should weigh 8.6 minimum

These are approximate weights. This information is punched on the white tag that is affixed to your bottle.

We apply all new labels and SFI dated labels.

A hazmat fee must be applied to shipping expenses back to you.

Other useful information: Some 5 pound bottles are not refillable therefore cannot be recertified. You can check to see if your bottle not refillable by looking at the white label affixed to your bottle. 

There is a location on the label that has a place to punch if it is refillable or not refillable. Please do not in a fire bottle if the label is punched “non-refillable”, we cannot recertify them.

We often get calls from customers that tell us that the needle is reading outside the “green” on the gauge. We always suggest that you consider the location of the bottle and the environment where it has been stored. Bring it indoors or place the bottle in the sun for at least a week. If the needle on the gauge does not return to the green zone, you may need to send it back for us to inspect.
If you just received it from a warehouse and it is extremely cold outside use this method before calling. It could be that the bottle has been laying on its side too long and needs to be upright to move the gauge.

“I accidentally set off my fire bottle!”  We get this often. No worries, just simply send it back in and we will be happy to refill. Refills are $40.00 a pound.

Need to ship it back? Call us first and we can advise you on the easiest shipping method.

Drag Chutes

Drag Chutes / Parachutes are not SFI tagged or rated. Therefore they don’t have to be sent to us for recertification.

However, you should always inspect them after every event and preferably after every run!

Most of the time, we can repair rips and tears in the canopy material. However, if the lines have been damaged then it cannot be repaired (it's just not cost effective). You can get a replacement chute without having to purchase the entire system.

When in doubt send us your Stroud chute to us and we will gladly inspect and wash it for free! If your chute needs repairing, or if bags, springs and/or packs need to be replaced we will let you know. Yes, all components of the Stroud parachute system have replacement parts.

What style/size of parachute do I have?

On the inside of the Stroud chute canopy is a white tag about the size of an index card. Your model number, serial number and the date of manufacture is written on that tag. Have that number handy when you call.